Presentations to Parties on the results of the Small Grants Program

This event was held on Wednesday, 17 November 2021 at 11am-1pm UYT.

Brief presentations followed by discussion were offered on the following topics:

Responding to Regional Climate Crises

1. MAP-FIRE: Multi-Actor Adaptation Plan to cope with Forests under Increasing Risk of Extensive fires (SGP-HW 016);

2. Transforming water governance in South America: from reaction to adaptation and anticipation (SGP-HW 056).

Livelihoods, fisheries, and aquatic ecosystems

3. Small-scale Fisheries and Marine Ecosystem Services: Adaptation and Transformation to Secure Human Wellbeing (SGP-HW 017);

4. Improving the governance of the floodplain in over-built river basins (SGP-HW 091).

Stakeholders in TD science and social-ecological systems

5. Socio-ecological resilience in the face of global environmental change in heterogeneous landscapes – building a common platform for understanding and action (SGP-HW 090);

6 Incorporating Local and Traditional Knowledge Systems: New Insights for Ecosystem Services and Transdisciplinary Collaborations (SGP-HW 072).

During this session, the IAI Directorate and project teams will launch project briefs and infographics of the six SGP projects in a closing "tertulia".

Please click here to access the final report.