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Registration closes: 31 January 2024

*This conference is only open to current IAI STeP Fellows.  For more information on the IAI STeP Fellowship Program, please visit

The 2024 IAI Science Technology and Policy (STeP) Leadership Conference brings together current Fellows (Generation 2 & 3) to the UNESCO World Heritage Site: Antigua, Guatemala, under this year’s theme: Consensus and inclusion for informed decision-making!  This is a unique Inter-American conference for emerging leaders (early career researchers and policymakers) from diverse disciplines to deepen knowledge and skills in science diplomacy, transdisciplinary leadership, and science/policy communication.   

What to expect at the 2024 STeP Leadership Conference 

Mock Climate Change Negotiation: Previous online sessions on negotiation and consensus-building theory bring us to this point where Fellows will participate over the course of the conference in a mock negotiation on a topic from COP28.  We will also take the time to critique the experience and identify opportunities to make negotiation spaces more inclusive and effective.  

Science Diplomacy Training and Project Forum: Fellows will have time each day to work with their groups in preparation for the project forum on the final day of the conference.  The Forum will be open to local stakeholders invited by the IAI.  

Evidence-Based Mentorship Training: “To do things differently, we need strategic support.” Each fellow will build their own professional ecosystem support map to aid in 1) Career Advancement 2) Getting Your Work Done, and 3) Well-Being and strategize how to take advantage of their network and get the work/life balance we deserve.  

Moving Towards a Transdisciplinary Approach: Includes various sessions deepening on decolonization, participatory processes, and how Fellows would like to implement the STeP Leadership Statement.    

Action STePs: Daily opportunity to share/learn what each Fellow is doing in their country/host institution.  This session is also communication training not just for the Fellow presenting but also for the Fellows in the audience to synthesize and draft social media posts based on flash talks from each Fellow. 

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