Safe Climate Youth Summit, hosted by SilverLining in partnership with YOUNGO Tech Mech Working Group - the children and youth constituency of the UNFCCC

Role of IAI: speaker (Marcos Regis da Silva) - in the intergenerational discussion during Session 3 - "Youth & Intergenerational Dialogues on Climate Intervention". The primary focus of the dialogue will be the relationship between climate intervention and intergenerational justice and will last around 20 minutes.

As climate impacts grow, stakeholders around the world are beginning to consider possibilities for climate interventions - technological approaches to rapidly reducing warming or greenhouse gases in the atmosphere (sometimes called “geoengineering”) - to reduce the worst impacts of climate change.

All too frequently, climate intervention is discussed and debated between those who will not live to see the worst impacts of climate change. We are yet to have a platform where the experiences of young people, facing these threats now and for the rest of their lives, are placed at the centre of this conversation. On top of that, there persists an absence of youth engagement on the topic. Therefore, this event aims to kickstart an official dialogue among youth and between younger and older generations, to establish a tangible youth contribution to the field and help put young people at the forefront of future developments in climate intervention research and policy.