Seventh multi-stakeholder Forum on Science, Technology and Innovation for the SDGs

The STI Forum special event on “Global research cooperation, funding, and partnerships” will be a moderated panel discussion. The session will be guided by a short background note including questions to steer the discussion.


This special event will explore the status of global research cooperation and funding - especially in the Global South - to support the achievement of the SDGs. It will consider the short-term context of the pandemic and how it has highlighted the need for national capacity in STI while also showing how crucial arrangements for global collaboration are for responding to global crises and achieving the SDGs. A conversation among key R&D actors from public and private sectors will explore how to better share knowledge, how to work on joint funding proposals and projects, and how to strengthen collaboration and build new partnerships. The conversation will also include research funders to discuss the way forward. 




(2 min)

Co-Chair of STI Forum

Delivers welcoming remarks


Moderator assumes role (2 min)

Mr. Carlos Henrique de Brito Cruz, Member, Brazilian Academy of Sciences, and Senior Vice President at Elsevier, and Professor Emeritus in Physics, University of Campinas, Brazil [Secretary-General’s 10-Member-Group] 

Welcome participants;

Provide overview of session;

Highlight objectives of the discussion;

Stress need for inter-active, action-oriented, candid and forward-looking discussion and introduce format:


Four speakers followed by discussants and  interventions from the floor.



(3- 4 min each)





















Mr. Marcos Regis de Silva, co-chair Bellmont Forum, IAI (Americas)



Mr. Ambuj Sagar, Vipula and Mahesh Chaturvedi Professor of Policy Studies and the founding Head of the School of Public Policy at the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi  



Ms. Masami Nakata, Professor of Shiga University, former Assistant Secretary-General of the International Energy Charter



Mr. Omo Oaiya, Chief Strategy Officer at WACREN – the West and Central Africa Research and Education Network  



From your perspective, what are some practical ways the STI community can collaborate across sectors and across national borders to tackle global challenges? Are there promising ways for the private sector to be involved?



From your perspective, what are the most promising actions to be taken in the short-term and the long-term to build capacity and facilitate technology transfer for accelerating STI solutions that are aligned with the SDGs including in low-and middle-income countries?





From your perspective, what are some innovative arrangements for furthering research cooperation in the energy sector? What are some ways to overcome R&D funding inequities?




From your perspective, what new initiatives have emerged during the pandemic that can be scaled up to accelerate the adoption and sharing of technologies and innovations for the SDGs? What are some promising initiatives for advancing knowledge generation and sharing in the Global South?


(1 minute)

Introduces second round of discussion



Discussants  - 


(2 min each)




Ms Shamila Nair-Bedouelle, Assistant Director-General for Natural Sciences, UNESCO





Representative of Major Group and other Stakeholders (MGoG) (To be nominated by MGoS)




From your perspective, how do elements in the UNESCO Science Report/Open Science Partnership/ International Alliance for Nature and Culture support global research cooperation for the SDGs?





Choose one or two guiding questions, focus on your perspective on.




Invites panelists to respond to questions, if any, and comments. (1 min each)



(1 min each)

To respond.



Invite participants to respond to the points raised by the panelists and discussants bearing in mind the overarching questions guiding today’s discussion



(25 minutes)

Opens floor; invite participants to respond to the points raised by the panelists and discussants bearing in mind the overarching questions guiding today’s discussion.


Nine (9) interventions of maximum 2-3 minutes each from Member States and other stakeholders from the floor.



(1 min each)

To respond.


Summing up

3 min




Summarizes the discussion


1 min


Co-Chair of STI Forum


Delivers concluding remarks