Special Issue on Development Policy and Global Change Science to achieve the vision of sustainable Americas for early career researchers, students, and policy fellows


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IAI Directorate has launched a call for papers for a special edition of the Journal of Science Policy & Governance (JSPG) titled, Development Policy and Global Change Science to Achieve the Vision of Sustainable Americas. Pursuant to Article II of the Agreement establishing the Inter-American Institute for Global Change Research, the IAI shall improve public awareness and provide scientific information to governments for the development of public policy relevant to global change.   Papers in this special issue will focus on international collaboration and the exchange of scientific information and knowledge addressing bold and innovative policy and diplomacy ideas to inform and support governments and decision-makers in tackling complex societal problems resulting from Global Environmental Change.

JSPG is an international, open access peer-reviewed publication based in the United States, managed by and for students, policy fellows, and young scholars in science, technology, and innovation policy.  This special issue is part of a collaboration with the IAI to highlight the voices of early career scholars in policy debates and contribute to their professional development.   This endeavor aligns with the IAI Strategic Plan adopted at IAI/COP/27/14, Theme I, Goal  1,Objective iv. Action d. …develop opportunities to increase knowledge transfer in the Americas, notably through mentoring programs for early-career scientists. In addition, this partnership supports the mission of the IAI Science Technology and Policy (STeP) Fellowship Program to build science-policy-diplomacy capacities of early career scientists from the Americas, particularly from Latin America and the Caribbean. 

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The deadline for submissions is 22 January 2023.

JSPG and the IAI will also provide a series of training sessions for prospective authors to hone their skills in writing for a diverse audience. These sessions are open to the public and are part of the STeP professional development program.

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Training Session Dates and Topics:

31 October 2022: Science Policy paper writing Workshop on Transdisciplinarity and Communication. ​

28 November 2022: Transdisciplinarity in the Development of Science Policy and Diplomacy Outputs. 

12 December 2022:  Science Policy and Diplomacy Communication and the Global South. 


The IAI Directorate is working with the current cohort of 45 STeP fellows from 11 countries to submit papers to the special issue as part of their science diplomacy group projects which include topics like:  

  • Circular economy approaches to wastewater treatment       
  • Hydrogen for the Americas    
  • Stakeholder engagement for sharing data at the global health-climate change nexus
  • “30 X 30” conservation ambition in the Americas and the science-diplomacy opportunity for collective implementation          
  • Lifecycle of clean transportation and energy/mineral sources for climate change mitigation and public health improvement   
  • Microplastic pollution and behaviourally aligned global action         
  • Assessment of green infrastructure in cities for climate change resilience across Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Towards a climate solidarity? Strategies for knowledge-sharing on climate justice

This special issue is supported in-kind by outreach partners from the Belmont Forum and the Sustainability Research and Innovation Congress (SRI2023). Accepted articles will be entered into a policy paper competition, where a committee of experts in the science policy-diplomacy interface of global environmental change will select the top three articles. First, second and third place article winners will have the opportunity to present published work at SRI2023 in Republic of Panama, 26-30 June 2023.

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