Workshop: Sustainable development and global change

27 – 29 October 2015 – Panama City, Panamá

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In October 2015, the IAI and the Government of Panama conducted a workshop
that also included representatives from Uruguay, Guatemala and the US to explore good practices for linking scientific research systems to national development plans.

Amongst the many topics discussed was the issue of expatriate scientists and how they may be (re)integrated towards strengthening a country’s research capacity. The discussions showed how the IAI’s emphasis on international networking in all its funding programs helps harness the strength of researchers for regional science, regardless of where they are based.

This contributes to building the region’s and its countries’ science capacity and knowledge generation. One conclusion is that the free and open flow of information throughout networks of scientists has the potential to contribute to the “brain gain” of national research systems.


1)Promote global environmental change (GEC) research in the context of Panama's Sustainable Development Plan and national policy by 2040; 
2) Support Panamanian academic inclusion in national and international scientific collaboration networks, to fully investigate the biophysical and human dimensions of the GEC; 
3) Improve the interface between Science and Policy to foster collaboration between scientists and decision makers; 
4) Train Panamanian professionals and scientists on management and financing of international scientific research programs.





·Ana Patiño

·Belkis Lara

·Casilda Saavedra

·Cristina Garibaldi

·Eduardo Camacho

·Etty Arjona

·Humberto Álvarez

·José Ardila

·José Fabrega

·Kristel Suárez

·Lucas Calvo

·Roger Sanchez

·Stanley Muschett

Public and Private Sector

·Amada Noriega

·Anselmo McDonald

·Aracelly Cerrud

·Aracelly Cerrud

·Carmenza Spadafora

·Casimiro Véliz

·Claude Vergés

·De Negris Oderay

·Digna Wong

·Eddy Nexon Arcia

·Emilio Messina

·Esteban Girón

·Galileo Solís

·Guillermo Castro

·Jorge Espinosa

·Jorge Marín

·José Robles

·Josue Batista

·Judith Jaén

·Juana Galvan

·Laura Fernández

·Lcdo. Publio De Gracia Tejada

·María Villalaz

·Nadya Vásquez

·Publio De Gracia Tejada

·Sandy Mosquera

·Steve Paton

International guests

·Dr. Brant Foot

·Dr. Caspar Ammann

·Dr. Charles Estabrook-

·Dr. Edwin Castellanos

·Dr. Gabriel Aintablian

IAI Delegates

·Ana Murgida

·Holm Tiessen

·Jorge Grandi

·Marcella Ohira