Atlas of the Patagonian Sea

The Patagonian Sea is a highly productive oceanic ecosystem in the South-Western Atlantic which is plentiful in species of high aesthetic, ecological and economic value. This Atlas summarizes research on how 16 species of top predators make use of the Patagonian Sea ecosystem. Among them are such charismatic species as albatrosses, petrels, penguins, sea lions and elephant seals. They are all top predators of the Patagonian Sea and require a lot of space and resources. This makes them vulnerable to human activities; hence, they are good indicators of the status of conservation of the Sea.
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Atlas web page:

The site makes it possible to build comparative series of up to six maps, showing species distributions and oceanographic variables. The web Atlas allows identifying areas that are relevant to biodiversity at an ecosystem scale, for the design of ocean protected areas, the bio-regionalization of the sea and the conservation of species. It will be updated with relevant information, and aims at becoming a useful tool to promote conservation action.