The IAI and CBD at the UNFCCC COP-20 in Lima, Peru

The Lima 2014 Declaration on Biodiversity and Climate Change

Gabriel Quijandria, Assistant Minister for Strategic Development of Natural Resources, Ministry of the Environment, Peru and Braulio de Souza Dias, Executive Secretary of CBD, signed the Lima 2014 Declaration on Biodiversity and Climate Change, from Science to Policy.

Statement of the Conference of the Parties of the IAI to the UNFCCC CoP-20, on climate change adaptation in Latin America

At it’s twenty-second session in Mexico City in August 2014, the IAI Conference of the Parties made a Statement on adaptation to climate change in Latin America to the UNFCCC COP-20

From science to policy: Contributions from science to cope with climate change

The main reflections of the dialog established during the International Symposium were communicated to policy makers in the public and private sectors to better understand the value of biodiversity, and estimate its contribution, in the context of CC.The major outcome was the Lima 2014 Declaration on Biodiversity and Climate Change.

Interview with Arturo Sanchez Azofeifa on tropical dry forest responses to climate change and likely future changes. RTCC – UNFCCC CoP20, Lima, Peru, December 2014


IAI-Environet is a practical solution to climate change challenges. Climate change affects the resilience of dry forest ecosystems. To work towards comprehensive climate change adaptation policies in arid and semi-arid regions of the Americas we need to monitor and understand interactions between forests and their environment.Arturo Sanchez-Azofeifa (IAI) presents an advanced wireless sensor and analytics system designed to collect and analyze environmental data. The Enviro-Net system is already active in several countries and will be installed in Peru in 2015. November 2014.

IISD Article: Scientists call for recognition of biodiversity in climate negotiations