International Symposium Lima 2014: Biodiversity and Climate Change

Contributions from science to policy for sustainable development

Lima, 27-28 November 2014

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IAI researchers presenting at the Symposium

José Müelbert, Director of Oceanography Institute (FURG), SGP-CRA 2076 and CRN 3070, Brazil

Sara Purca, IMARPE, SGP-CRA 2076 and CRN 3070, Peru
“My current research is about analysis of oceanographic time series, and the determination of ecosystem based management and climate variability indices in the Northern Humboldt Current Ecosystem (NHCE). We suggested a Peruvian Oscillation Index for identify and predict the El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO) effects along the Peruvian coast. Currently, we are working on methodologies of the ecosystem based management in the context of the Humboldt GEF project, carried out by the Institute of the Sea (IMARPE). The main objective is the formulate an strategic long-term planning framework to provide the basis for an improved governance and the sustainable use of living marine resources and services. The International Pre-COP Symposium Biodiversity and Climate Change was an opportunity for enhanced cross-disciplinary research on the links among ecosystem climate change and socioeconomic factors for future research around South America.”

Sebastian Herzog, Asociación Armonía / Birdlife International, Bolivia
Link to research project: An assessment of research and institutional needs to cope with the effects of climate change on Andean biodiversity

Arturo Sanchez-Azofeifa, University of Alberta, Canada
Link to research project: CRN3025
“Knowledge exchange from our CRN3 projects requires constant exchange of ideas with practitioners and also policy makers. Otherwise our projects will be on a vacuum, without context and impact. The COP20 meeting allowed IAI/Tropi-Dry to be present at the heart of the discussion providing sound scientific advise to enrich policy making.”

Daniel Ruiz Carrascal, Escuela de Ingeniería de Antioquia, Colombia / IRI, United States
Link to research project: Climate change impacts on biodiversity in the tropical Andes: climate risks, vulnerability and decision making tools for the planning of conservation

Ana Lucía Solano, Universidad del Valle, Guatemala
Link to research project: SGP-CRA 2060
“The International Symposium on Biodiversity was an important event to which I had the honor to participate on behalf of the Mesoamerican region. This space for dialogue was essential to highlight the importance of conserving and protecting biodiversity of our planet to the impacts of climate change, and allowed enhance the importance of the contribution of science from different disciplines and different approaches to find viable solutions compatible with the reality of our society, so looking for a common goal that benefits us all”.