Manual of Methods: Human, Ecological and Biophysical Dimensions of Tropical Dry Forests

manual_thumbDeveloped by the IAI Collaborative Research Network for the study of Tropical Dry Forests in the Americas, Editors: Jafet M. Nassar, Jon Paul Rodríguez, Arturo Sánchez-Azofeifa, Theresa Garvin, Mauricio Quesada.
This book was developed as a manual of methods designed specifically for tropical dry forests with emphasis on the topics included in the IAI project, but it has wide application potential, as the global change questions addressed with these methods are similar to other terrestrial ecosystems. The book describes a wide range of methods: ecological (ecosystem structure, soil microbiology, phenology, biotic interactions), remote sensing (spatial information, image processing), and social science (human-ecosystems relationships, socio-economic indicators, and environmental policy). Emphasis is on the dynamics of the systems investigated, so that the analyses provide a picture of the processes of deterioration and/or recovery of heavily disturbed systems.
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