Start-up Grants Program (SUG)

SUG# Title Principal Investigator (PI) PI Country PI Institution Participating Countries Budget (US$)
15178 Land use changes and water quality conservation in the temperate forests of the Americas DORIS SOTO
Chile Universidad Austral de Chile Chile, USA 49,520
29399 Integrated study of temperate coast estuaries GERARDO M.E. PERILLO Argentina Instituto Argentino de Oceanografía Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, USA 50,000
29655 Fire and global change in temperate ecosystems of Western North and South America: An IAI workshop proposal THOMAS T. VEBLEN USA University of Colorado Chile, USA 49,930
29656 Potential use of biological proxy data as climatic change impact indicators in South American ecosystems CAROLINA ELVIRA VILLAGRAN MORAGA Chile Universidad de Chile Argentina, Brazil, Chile 49,875
29691 Development of an IAI Research Center on Red Tides and harmful algal blooms DONALD M. ANDERSON USA Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Chile, Mexico, Uruguay, USA 39,297
29787 Biological invaders: their increasing role as disrupters of Earth system processes MARY T. KALIN ARROYO Chile Universidad de Chile Chile, USA 49,912
29788 Andean Amazon Rivers Analysis and Monitoring (AARAM): Project Start-Up Activities JEFFREY E. RICHEY USA University of Washington Bolivia, Brazil, Peru, USA 48,675
29791 Global change in the South Western Atlantic from the coast to adjacent deep basins: An IAI Start-Up Grant EDMO J.D. CAMPOS Brazil Universidade de Sao Paulo Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, USA 49,840
29810 Organization of a Regional Center for Climate Studies in Mexico; the USA; Central America and the Caribbean as part of the Inter-American Institute for Global Change Research VICTOR O. MAGAÑA RUEDA Mexico Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México Mexico 49,020
29836 Biogeochemical consequences of land use change in the Amazon Basin PAUL A. STEUDLER USA Marine Biological Laboratory Brazil, USA 50,000
29839 Response of water resources and ecosystems to climate variability and change KONSTANTINE P. GEORGAKAKOS USA Hydrologic Research Center Brazil, USA 45,830
29872 Workshop on landscape fragmentation effects on faunal biodiversity in the Americas GAY A. BRADSHAW USA Oregon State University Chile, USA 47,425
30040 Application of remote sensing in microbial ecology RITA COLWELL USA University of Maryland Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, USA 42,930
30064 IAI Research Center on interannual climate variability in Central and South America MARIO NESTOR NUÑEZ Argentina Universidad de Buenos Aires Argentina, Brazil, USA 44,770
30070 Planning proposal for the creation of a Training and Education Center on radar remote sensing science and technology ANTONIO MABRES Peru Universidad Nacional de Piura Germany, Peru, USA 47,255
30082 Cooperative pelagic ecosystem studies between the Chilean and Hawaii Ocean time-series: initial phase MARK R. ABBOTT USA Oregon State University Chile, Peru, USA 44,262
30092 The effects of UV radiation on various ecosystems at different latitudes SERGE DEMERS Canada Universite du Quebec Argentina, Canada, Chile, Mexico, USA 100,000
30098 Human dimensions of sustainable forest management in the Americas MOHAMMED DORE Canada Brock University Brazil, Canada, USA 49,200
30099 Global assessment in temperate agricultural systems of America CARLOS SCOPPA Argentina Instituto Nacional de Tecnología Agropecuaria Argentina, USA 49,989
30118 Global change effects in the Southwestern Atlantic RICARDO P. MATANO USA Oregon State University Argentina, Brazil, USA 43,530
30127 Experimental and time series approaches to global change research in the Americas: A proposal for coordination and action GROSSEN MARY Canada International Development Research Centre Canada, USA 50,000
30135 Nunavut Environmental Assessment Transect (NEAT) ELLIOT BURDEN Canada Memorial University of Newfoundland Canada 50,000
30140 Climate variability in Southeastern South America and applications MOACIR ANTONIO BERLATO Brazil Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay 49,150
30154 Climate variability and impact assessment in the Trade convergence climate complex DAVID B. ENFIELD USA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Panama, Sri Lanka, USA 49,994
30155 Hidroclimatology and dynamics of the Rio de La Plata System and the Patos-Mirim complex and their influence on the fluxes and productivity of the adjacent shelf waters JOSE H. MUELBERT Brazil Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, USA 49,524
30173 Earth systems science and global change education in support of the IAI DONALD R. JOHNSON USA University of Wisconsin USA 49,872
30179 Workshop on climate variability in the Americas from high elevation ice cores RAYMOND S. BRADLEY USA University of Massachusetts USA 49,937
30193 Austral Chilean coast and inland sea (ACCIS) LAWRENCE P. ATKINSON USA Old Dominion University Chile, USA 50,000
30213 Comparative studies of small pelagic fish and climate change in the Americas BRIAN J. ROTHSCHILD USA University of Massachusetts Mexico, USA 50,000
30224 Design of a scientific research plan for conducting comparative studies of the physical and biological environments of the upwelling temperate areas: towards the regime governing mechanisms DANIEL LLUCH BELDA Mexico Centro de Investigaciones Biológicas del Noroeste Mexico 50,000
30225 Workshop to implement a research and training network for plant-soil interactions in the semi-arid tropics HOLM TIESSEN Canada University of Saskatchewan Brazil, Canada, Venezuela 47,780
30255 The impact of solar ultraviolet radiation on aquatic and terrestrial resources in Patagonia; Argentina-Chile OSMUND HOLM HANSEN USA Scripps Institution of Oceanography USA 49,925
30289 First implementation meeting of the Large-Scale Biosphere-Atmosphere in Amazonia (LBA) CARLOS A. NOBRE Brazil Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais Bolivia, Brazil, Peru 50,000
30332 Comparative studies on oceanic & coastal processes in temperate zones of the Eastern Pacific TIMOTHY M. BAUMGARTNER Mexico Centro de Investigación Científica y de Educación Superior de Ensenada Mexico, USA 50,000
30427 The assessment of present; past and future climate variability in the Americas from treeline environments BRIAN H. LUCKMAN Canada University of Western Ontario Argentina, Canada 49,500
30443 Dendrochronological studies in tropical South America with special emphasis on Bolivian forests JOSE ARMANDO BONINSEGNA Argentina Instituto Argentino de Nivología; Glaciología y Ciencias Ambientales Argentina, Bolivia 47,135