Informal discussion on developments in research activities relevant to the needs of the Convention

At SBSTA-28, in June 2008, the IAI organized a joint side event with the Asia Pacific Network (APN) on “Building joint capacities in science and policy sectors for environmental decision making”. Scientists and governmental delegates discussed how to foster a co- evolution of interdisciplinary science and inter-ministerial communication towards the decision-making needed to effectively respond to Global Environmental Change. Julia Martinez Fernandez, Mexico (IAI Country Delegate) and Thelma Krug, Brazil (IAI Country Delegate) discussed how to link the climate convention to ministerial decision processes. IAI investigator Brian Luckman (CRN2047) talked about developing interdisciplinarity and science relevance, and Karen Tscherning (from the EU-sponsored SENSOR project) discussed the use of IT based decision support tools in the dialogue between research and policy making.

Meeting agenda, presentations and summary of the Chair