Rio Nuevo – Scientific documentary

Now with English subtitles!

In a dry region in which surface water courses were unknown, new rivers started to appear. In just three decades tiny streams mutated into permanent brackish water currents that carve enormous valleys and bury fields, buildings and livestock. Water and mud are threatening the closest town and social unrest grows. Why is this happening? Why here? Why now? Settlers and scientists exchange their disconcert and search for explanations. Nature gives its own version of the facts, returning questions to the people. Can the current agricultural expansion be sustained? What human conflicts does it bring?

The research presented in this movie was developed in the framework of two IAI funded projects: “From farm-level management to governance of landscapes: Climate, water and land use decisions in the plains of Southern South America”, which was led by Drs Esteban Jobbagy and Federico Bert.
Bridging ecosystem services and territorial planning (BEST-P): a southern South American initiative (CRN 3095), led by Dr Jose Paruelo