SBSTA 40 Research dialogue on recent developments in global climate information

4-15 June 2014, Bonn Germany

At SBSTA-40, in June 2014, Arturo Sanchez-Azofeifa presented emerging data from the Tropi-Dry network, which links forest phenological changes to climate change, particularly changes in precipitation. Although dry forests in the Americas are going through changes, they are highly resilient and may be more resilient to droughts than forests in more humid zones. This could mean that tropical dry forests are more efficient at utilizing scarce water than other ecosystems and that they will be the survivors in a hotter, drier world. In addition, these forests can be used to monitor ecosystem drought resilience globally.

sbsta40-tapaTropical Dry Forest Resilience and Water Use Efficiency. Tropical dry forests: barometers of climate change. A. Sanchez-Azofeifa (PDF)

Arturo Sanchez is the PI of project: Enhancing knowledge exchange for conservation and management of tropical dry forests in the Americas (CRN 3025)