Small Grant Program for the Human Dimensions (SGP-HD)


SGP-HD# Title Principal Investigator (PI) PI Country PI Institution Participating Countries Budget (US$)
003 Climate change and irrigated agriculture: Towards a better understanding of driving forces and feedbacks between decision makers and biophysical environment and their impacts on hydrological cycle and land use FRANCISCO MEZA Chile Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile Argentina, Chile, USA 246,975
004 Coming down the mountain: Understanding the vulnerability of Andean communities to hydroclimatologic variability and global environmental change DAVID GAUTHIER Canada Saint Marys University Argentina, Bolivia, Canada, Chile, USA 221,220
005 Information flows and policy: use of climate diagnostics and cyclone prediction for adaptive water-resources management under climatic uncertainty in western North America CHRISTOPHER SCOTT USA University of Arizona Mexico, USA 266,586
008 Conservation policy impacts in tropical dry forest regional and spatially focused analyses given other social and natural drivers of land use ALEXANDER S. P. PFAFF USA Duke University Brazil, Costa Rica, USA 237,849
009 Designing a methodology to evaluate local knowledge on global change and its role in the construction of future land use scenarios by local actors JEAN FRANCOIS TOURRAND Brazil Universidade de Brasilia Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Uruguay 158,000
013 Adaptation to the health impacts of air pollution and climate extremes in Latin American cities RODNEY MARTINEZ Ecuador Centro Internacional de Investigaciones sobre el Fenomeno de El Nino Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, USA 74,000
014 Decision support system for risk reduction in agriculture. Phase II: soybean DSS for eastern Paraguay and Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil CLYDE FRAISSE USA University of Florida Brazil, Paraguay, USA 75,000
2076-HD Climate change- oceanographic variability and the artisinal fisheries in the South West Atlantic (a Human Dimensions project in CRN2076) " PATRÍZIA RAGGI ABDALLAH Brazil Universidade Federal do Rio Grande Brazil, Canada, UK