Small Grants for Collaborative Research in the Americas (SGP-CRA)


Planned Period of Performance, with no-cost extension ends on 31 December 2015

SGP-CRA involved 13 of the IAI’s 19 member countries, with 9 PIs and 67 Co-PIs in 53 institutions. 96 students have been involved and 59 students received scholarships from projects (an investment of US$ 248,819). 111 students participated in training activities and workshops funded by projects. The total additional funding leveraged is of US$ 13,440,066.

SGP-CRA# Title Principal Investigator (PI) PI Country PI Institution Participating Countries Budget (US$)
005 Towards an integrated assessment of water security under global change in the Americas CHRISTOPHER SCOTT
USA University of Arizona Argentina, Chile, Mexico, USA 300,000
2015 DIVERSUS: Links between functional diversity; ecosystems and social dynamics: a wrap-up of concepts; methods and baseline information SANDRA DIAZ
Argentina Universidad Nacional de Córdoba Argentina, Bolivia, Costa Rica, USA 300,000
2021 TROPI-DRY:Human; ecological and biophysical dimensions of tropical dry forests ARTURO G. SANCHEZ AZOFEIFA Canada University of Alberta Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, Mexico 300,000
2031 From farm-level management to governance of landscapes: Climate; water and land use decisions in the plains of Southern South America ESTEBAN G. JOBBAGY
Argentina Universidad de Buenos Aires Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, USA 299,927
2047 Documenting; understanding and projecting changes in the hydrological cycle in the American cordillera BRIAN H. LUCKMAN Canada University of Western Ontario Argentina, Canada, Chile, Mexico, USA 246,510
2048 Landfalling tropical cyclones in the Eastern Pacific basin GRACIELA BINIMELIS RAGA Mexico Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico Chile, Mexico, Panama, USA 264,000
2050 Paleotempestology of the Caribbean region: a multi-proxy; multi-site study of the spatial and temporal variability of Caribbean hurricane activity KAM BIU LIU
USA Louisiana State University Costa Rica, USA 299,902
2060 Small coffee producers and adaptive options for a changing climate: the risks and challenges of certification for ecosystem services EDWIN J. CASTELLANOS Guatemala Universidad del Valle de Guatemala Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, USA 297,600
2076 SACC: An international consortium for the study of ocean related global and climate changes in South America ALBERTO PIOLA Argentina Servicio de Hidrografia Naval Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, USA 300,000