Statement of the Conference of the Parties of the IAI to the UNFCCC CoP-20, on climate change adaptation in Latin America

“The Inter-American Institute for Global Change Research (IAI), as an intergovernmental treaty organization of 19 countries in the Americas, identifies adaptation to the impacts of climate change as an issue of the highest relevance that the region should address through scientific collaboration.

That is why the Conference of the Parties of the IAI calls upon the international community represented at the Twentieth Conference of the Parties of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change to make efforts for finding and implementing viable adaptation strategies, with the participation of the peoples of the region and through the development of regional capacities and support to the development of new technologies.

The IAI follows principles of scientific excellence, international cooperation and the free and open exchange of information and data related to global change and its socioeconomic consequences. The Conference of the Parties of the IAI offers to the Convention the scientific expertise accumulated by the Institute for over 20 years and its holistic view of the problems of the region in terms of environment, global change and human dimensions.”

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The Statement was read by the UNFCCC Representative of Uruguay (0:40:44). The intervention of Uruguay was endorsed by Panama (0:45:43) in the video.