Territorial governance: a transdisciplinary methodological proposal based on the sustainability of nature and human well-being

3 to 6 April 2018, Santiago and San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

The meeting was organized by the IAI Capacity Building Seed Project La reunión es organizada por un Proyecto Semilla de Capacitación del IAI, “Gobernanza territorial: una propuesta metodológica transdisciplinaria basada en la sustentabilidad de la naturaleza y el bienestar humano”. The research team includes members from Chile (Quechua indigenous community from Quipisca), Argentina (MINCYT), Brazil (UNICAMP, BPES Brazil, Conservation International), Colombia (Universidad Nacional de Colombia), Canada (University of Calgary) and United States (University of Minnestoa).

As a result of the IAI Professional Development Seminar, the team was able to raise funds from the BHP Billiton company for the research. This project has been integrated into a larger project -with European scientists- on territorial governance issues.

The IAI was invited to participate in the workshop and in a session that will also be attended by representatives from the Ministry of Economy/Committee for Indigenous Community Affairs, Ministry of the Environment Chile and BHP Billiton.

Two themes of interest to the IAI are a) dialogue among the different stakeholders -indigenous communities, state agencies and private companies, andy b) discussion of a new line of work (research, training, exchange of knowledge, etc) related to mining productive activitie, climate change and communities.