51st Meeting of the IAI Executive Council

Video conferencing, 22 June 2021

Guatemala City / San José: 7:00 hs
Bogotá, Kingston / Lima, Mexico City / Panama City / Quito: 8:00 hs
Asunción / La Paz / Ottawa / Santiago / Santo Domingo / Washington, DC: 9:00 hs
Brasilia / Buenos Aires / Montevideo: 10:00 hs


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Agenda and working documents

No document
Agenda Item Document
Tuesday, 22 June 2021 
(10:00 UYT)

Opening of the meeting

Welcome by Executive Council Chair
Welcome by the IAI Executive Director

Administrative and financial matters

1 Approval of the agenda IAI/EC/51/1 English - Spanish
2 Standing rules for Rules and Procedures of the Executive Council IAI/EC/51/2 English - Spanish
3 Approval of the Reports of the 49th and 50th  meetings of the EC IAI/EC/49 English - Spanish -IAI/EC/50 English - Spanish
4 Establishment of a committee to recommend candidates for the Science Advisory Committee (SAC) elections, on the second day of CoP-29 No document
5 Report of the Executive Council IAI/EC/51/5 English - Spanish
6 Financial and Administrative Committee report No document
7 Auditors report and approval of Financial status report. Financial items to be forwarded to the CoP-29 IAI/EC/51/7 English - Spanish
8 Decision XXVIII/4: Annual performance evaluation of the IAI Executive Director No document
9 Decision XXVIII/5: Whistleblower policy IAI/EC/51/9 English - Spanish
10 Decision XXVIII/6: Gender policy on IAI projects and activities IAI/EC/51/10 English - Spanish
11 Approval of the items to be forwarded to the CoP-29 IAI/EC/51/11 Eng -Sp 
12 Closing remarks (Host Government, Parties, Observers, IAI Directorate) No document

Information documents







List of participants to the EC-51
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Final report

Report of the 51th meeting of the IAI Executive Council English - Spanish