29th Meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the IAI and 51st Meeting of the Executive Council

22 to 23 June 2021, videoconference

Guatemala City / San José:
1st Session: 22 June, 11:00 / 2nd Session: 23 June, 8:00 - 11:00
Kingston / Lima / Mexico City / Panama City / Quito: 
1st Session: 22 June, 12:00 / 2nd Session: 23 June, 9:00 – 12:00
/ La Paz / Ottawa / Santiago / Santo Domingo / Washington, DC:
1st Session: 22 June, 13:00 / 2nd Session: 23 June, 10:00 – 13:00  
Buenos Aires / Montevideo:
1st Session: 22 June, 14:00 / 2nd Session: 23 June, 11:00 – 14:00


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Agenda and working documents

Agenda Item Document
1st session, 14:00 UYT
Tuesday, 22 June 2021

Opening of the meeting

Opening remarks of the Chair, IAI Executive Council
Opening remarks of the Executive Director

Administrative and financial matters

1 Approval of the agenda IAI/COP/29/1 English - Spanish
2 Approval of the Report of the 28th meeting of the Conference of the Parties IAI/COP/29/2 English - Spanish
3 Report of the Standing Committee for Rules and Procedures IAI/COP/29/3 English - Spanish
4 Report of the Credentials Committee No document

Financial and Budgetary matters

a. Annex 1: Overview of the Financial Status for FY 2020-2021 IAI/COP/29/5a English - Spanish
b. Annex 2: Core Budget and Country Contributions for FY 2021-2022 and Preliminary request 2022-2024 IAI/COP/29/5b English - Spanish
c. Annex 3: Auditors Report IAI/COP/29/5c  English - Spanish
d. Annex 4: Report of the Financial and Administrative Committee (FAC) IAI/COP/29/5d  English - Spanish
6 Decision XXVIII/4: Annual Performance Evaluation of the IAI Executive Director IAI/COP/29/6
7 Decision  XXVIII/5: Whistleblower Policy IAI/COP/29/7
8 Decision XXVIII/6: Gender Policy on IAI Projects and Activities IAI/COP/29/8

Executive Council


Report from the Executive Council

a. Standing rules of the Executive Council (EC) of the Inter‐American Institute for Global Change Research

IAI/COP/29/9 English - Spanish
2nd session, 11:00-14:00 UYT
Wednesday, 23 June 2021

The Science Advisory Committee (SAC) and the Science Policy Advisory Committee (SPAC)

10 Election of SAC members IAI/COP/29/10 English - Spanish 
11 Joint Report of the SAC/SPAC  IAI/COP/29/11 English - Spanish
12 Decision XXVII/5: Recommendations by the Parties and the SAC and SPAC on revisions to the IAI Scientific Agenda IAI/COP/29/12 English - Spanish
Associates of the IAI
13 Decisions XXVIII/7 and XXVIII/8: Invitation to Mitacs to become an Associate of the IAI IAI/COP/29/13 English - Spanish

Report of the IAI Directorate


Summary report of activities by the IAI Directorate

a) Science
b) Capacity Building
c) Science – Policy
d) Data and information
e) Report on implementation of the IAI Strategic Plan
IAI/COP/29/14 English - Spanish

Outstanding items and conclusion of meeting

15 Determination of the time and venue of the next regular meeting of the Conference of the Parties, 2022 and offers from Parties to host the meeting No document
16 Closing remarks (Parties, Observers, IAI Directorate) No document


Information documents




Decisions of CoP-29 

English- Spanish 




Invitation to Parties to submit nominations for representatives to the Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) 
Ref: IAIUYDIR/2021/004  - English - Spanish - Annex Eng - Annex Sp

Updating National Focal Point information for the issuance of invitations to CoP-29 (Videoconference)
Ref: IAIUYDIR/2021/003  - English - Spanish - Annex

The 51st meeting of the Executive Council and the 29th meeting of the Conference of the Parties to be held via video conferencing on 22 to 23 June 2021
Ref: IAIUYDIR/2021/002 English - Spanish 













List of participants of the 29th meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Inter-American Institute for Global Change Research
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Final report

English - Spanish