The role of science and policy advisement in driving a regional agenda on global change science at the IAI


The IAI’s Science Advisory Committee (SAC) and the Science-Policy Committee (SPAC) are composed of the region’s leading scientists and policy experts, who currently represent 12 IAI member countries. These advisory bodies guide the research and capacity-building initiatives of the Directorate, providing critical input to improve evidence-based decision-making on global change in the Americas. Their diverse composition and competencies in the natural and social sciences, and science-policy interface, contribute to the implementation of the IAI’s strategic plan and science agenda.

Among the most relevant undertakings of the SAC and SPAC during the 2021-2022 intercessional period are the following:

- Revising the scientific agenda of the IAI to incorporate the language used by the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) related to "Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities (IPLCs)".

- Reviewing team applications for two consultancies aimed at developing training materials in Transdisciplinary Science and Science Diplomacy for Global Environmental Change, which will be ready in 2023.

- Collectively discussing and revising the new Gender, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Policy for IAI Scientific Projects and Capacity Building Activities.

- Contributing to the regional assessment led by the IAI to acknowledge the priorities of governments to better serve the member countries.

- Defining regional research priorities on the nexus among climate, environment and health, and advising in the design of Climate, Environment and Health for the Americas - Mobilizing transdisciplinary knowledge and training for policy action, in collaboration with the Pan American Health Organization and the Global Consortium on Climate and Health Education.

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