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Sebastián Riera

Work plan (2020-2022): Productive gaps and systemic competitiveness of the Argentine regional economies.
Areas of expertise: stochastic frontier analysis (SFA); water economics; productivity; efficiency; intensive farming systems.
PhD in Agriculture Economics, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, Germany.
MSc in International Agribusiness and Rural Development Economics. Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, Germany and University of Talca, Chile. Bachelor’s degree in Economics, National University of Cuyo, Argentina.

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Sofía Nanni

Sofía holds a PhD in Biological Sciences from Universidad Nacional de Tucumán, Argentina. She is currently an assistant researcher of the National Research Council (CONICET) at Instituto de Ecología Regional (UNT-CONICET, Yerba Buena, Tucumán), and her main areas of expertise are Conservation Biology, Land System Science and Human Dimensions of Wildlife. Sofia's work is focused on understanding environmental and anthropic factors affecting biodiversity conservation and human-wildlife interactions in different social ecological systems of Latin America, with focus on the Argentine Chaco. She is particularly interested in working jointly with stakeholders to develop strategies that foster coexistence between people and wildlife, through the co-design of conservation interventions that are aligned with people's interests, needs and possibilities. Sofía is also a member of the Scientific Steering Committee of the Global Land Programme, an interdisciplinary community of science and practice fostering the study of land systems and the co-design of solutions for global sustainability.

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Matías Goldenberg

Matías is an Agricultural Engineer with interests in agriculture and forest management. He completed his undergraduate and graduate studies at the University of Buenos Aires. In 2020, he was the beneficiary of a postdoctoral fellowship co-financed between CONICET and AACREA whose objective is to enhance scientific human resources in the framework of agricultural problems in Argentina. Specifically, he is studying how the composition and configuration of the landscape modifies the yield of some extensive crops in Argentina. His areas of knowledge include forest management, native forests, bioenergy, ecosystem services.

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