Belmont Forum CEH2 Call - Convocatoria Belmont Forum CEH2



The Inter-American Institute for Global Change Research invites researchers from eligible countries in Latin America and the Caribbean to join the new Belmont Forum Collaborative Research Action on Climate, Environment and Health.


Institutions eligible for IAI awards are colleges, universities, professional societies, not-for-profit organizations, or governmental institutions which have formal research programs. Early and mid-career scholars are encouraged to apply and take key responsibilities in the project, including as Principal Investigator (IP) and Co-PI. Any scientist from natural and social sciences, and the humanities, or stakeholder (as described in the call text) is eligible to apply as PI, Co-PI, or key investigator.


Teams may apply with a transdisciplinary project focusing on:

  • Decision-science of environmental behavior and implementation
  • Food, environment and biological security
  • Climate Risks to Ecosystems and Populations


Research projects should consider

  • Scalable implementation plans
  • Enhanced Early Warning System predictability
  • Innovative, open data solutions


Collaborative research approaches should address

  • Diversity, Equality and Inclusion
  • A focus on vulnerable communities
  • A focus on Indigenous and local communities


Projects can build capacity by

  • Strengthening communities of practice
  • Developing Low and Low Middle-Income Countries’ workforce


The IAI will support research projects for up to 3 years.


Apply until July 15, 2023 with your preliminary proposal.


IAI-supported teams must be part of a consortium with countries funded by additional agencies. More information at: 


Questions and Answers about the Call


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